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Food Menu


Assortment of seasonal vegetables and a side of Lettuce, tomatoes & Cucumbers

Rice Bowl

Lettuce, Tomatoes, Cucumbers, Hummus & Lemon Spinach

Homemade Falafel


Deep-Fried Ball Made from Ground Chickpeas, a Blend of Mediterranean Spices & Herbs

Lemon Chicken


Sliced Chicken Marinated for 24h in a Blend of Mediterranean Spices & Herbs, Olive Oil & Our Homemade Preserved Lemon

Add $2 for any extra Protein

Beef Kofta Brochette

Lettuce, Tomatoes, Cucumbers, Hummus & Lemon Spinach

Lettuce, Tomatoes, Cucumbers, Hummus & Lemon Spinach


Traditional Moroccan Sausage Made with Lamb & Mediterranean Spices & Herbs

Add $2 for any extra Protein

Welcome to chef samir truck

Original Mediterranean Food

Samir was born in Casablanca, Morocco, and took his very first plane ride to New York in December 1999. Tired of ordering delivery and the mediocre fast food available, he started asking his mama couscous and Tagines recipes over the phone, and one recipe after another, he fell in love with cooking. He started to gather his friends and cook traditional Moroccan and Mediterranean food for them, most of them hadn't heard of a Tagine or tried real Moroccan couscous. Check us out on EAT ST, Cooking Channel, and see Chef Samir in action! If you would like to request a catering, know where we are, or just say hello, you can reach us at +1 (347) 393-3469!.

Gourmet Meals On The Go

It comes so naturally to Chef Samir to gather people and cook for them, “it feels like family”, he always says. Cooking is his way to give back to his community, by SPREADING LOVE ONE BITE AT THE TIME! Our chef is a real burner at heart, and who knows maybe one-day Comme Ci Comme Ça will hit the Playa! He feels extremely lucky to live in New York City as he has the possibility of tasting all sorts of different food under the same “roof”! That’s when the idea of Comme Ci Comme Ça was born - a restaurant on wheels. Chef Samir wanted to offer the fabulous NY crowd an affordable gourmet meal.

Service With A Smile

Not only does our food taste fantastic, but if you choose to use our waiting staff, you and your guests will enjoy the highest level of service. Friendly, attentive, professional – our staff are all highly trained and handpicked so they best represent us – and, by extension, you. Chef Samir Truck is experienced with catering events ranging from 15 to over 100 people. We can offer your favorite menu items and also work with you to customize options for your event.

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All services
All services
Real Mediterranean Food

Real Mediterranean Food

We Change Our Location Everyday

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It's not a dream, Chef Samir Truck is real, spreading love one bite at a …




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Austin Fedchock

20 February 2023

20 February


Anna Hiltner

15 January 2023

15 January


Got a beef/shawarma pita from here at the Grand Bazaar market. Great service and one of the cheapest options compared to the other food trucks there. Big portio...
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